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Supa Friends, the Madison, WI born Hip-Hop known for their boisterous stage presence derive from Hip-Hop literacy courses and high school band rooms. With multiple influences, all of the board the sound they've begun to curate is raw, introspective, and vivid. Often referred to as the local Wu-Tang, the group brings a young energetic nineties feel to what is now modern rap. "From an old head's breath of fresh air, to a smile on a reporters face, all the way to head nods and call back from the younger generation." (Madison Capital Times)

Supa Friends covers an indescribable amount of ground, literally and figuratively. The six members of the group are Tyrel the Well Treated, Maruchan Chef, SooDoNim, Al D, Soup the Fifth the Master Plan, and Hardface the Pilot. From Left to right you read the names of the main emcees and one producer.  Undoubtedly, they are all here to reamplify the raw sound and energy that is Hip-Hop.  The question is, are you ready for the revival.