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Supa Friends, the Madison, WI born Hip-Hop group known for their boisterous stage presence derive from Hip-Hop literacy courses and high school band rooms. With multiple influences all over the board, the sound they've begun to curate is raw, introspective, and vivid. Often referred to as the local Wu-Tang, the group brings a young energetic nineties feel to what is now modern rap. (MORE)

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Who's Next Podcast

Who's Next is a radio/podcast show that talks with new and established Hip-Hop/R&B artists and community leaders about music, trends and issues affecting the community. Many times it can unpredictable but it is always entertaining. Tune in with your hosts Ms. Sheena and Dash Dub to see who is the next up and comer you need to keep your eyes on!

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Nobody Cares Podcast

Tune in to Nobody Cares, a comedy podcast where NOTHING is off limits. Stand up comedians Craig Smith, Nick Hart, and Allie Lindsay have constructed a hilarious podcast for the listener that includes them speaking on current issues, their own personal experiences as comedians, and interviewing special guests. There is never a dull moment when you think #NobodyCares


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